Science writing / editing

I am an experienced reporter and editor working on stories about life science research, medicine, and science policy. For my most recent pieces of writing, visit my pages at The Scientist and Science. Or see below for a selection of investigations, features, and editing work.

Investigative reporting

Surgisphere Scandal

A tiny company behind three influential COVID studies falls apart under scrutiny. (Series selected as finalist for NIHCM trade journalism award.)

Misinformation Wars

A physician accused of spreading COVID vaccine misinformation turns his followers against his critics. State medical boards decline to get involved.

Data Discrepancies

The US clinical trials registry is racking up inaccurate and out-of-date study information, but nobody’s keeping track.

Journal Dispute

A COVID-related special issue at Frontiers goes off the rails after the publisher takes down a controversial paper.

Features and cover stories

Return of the Worms

Scientists look to intestinal parasites for solutions to autoimmune diseases.

Can Single Cells Learn?

An old idea gets a makeover as researchers dig into the mechanisms of learning and memory.

Cancer’s Game

New therapeutic approaches in oncology aim to manipulate or block cancer evolution.

When Animals Divorce

The reasons some pairs stick together and others split up are starting to come to light.

Edited stories

Problematic Papers

Researchers who alert scientific journals to errors in the literature often face an uphill battle.

Data Rescue

A new initiative races to preserve datasets stored on outdated media before they’re lost forever.

Code Trouble

The research community confronts scientists’ reluctance to share computational code.

Behind Legs

Advanced imaging techniques offer a glimpse into the hidden world of millipede sex.